My name is Jonathan Pui. I'm always in pursuit of capturing interesting light and moments of daily life. I'm drawn to the idea that anything can be a photographic subject. Where multiple subjects come into a frame, the interpretation of photograph changes. This ambiguity and element of surprise of the photograph is what interests me. Along with ever magical light that is found in Australia, where on its harshest days, the extreme spectrum between the brightness and the shadows create an atmosphere only a camera can capture.

Member of Aussie Street.

My day job is an art director at a digital design agency. I create motion graphics and illustrations.

Living in Sydney, Australia.

2018 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize

2017 Head On Photo Festival Landscape Finalist
2016 Miami Street Photography Festival Finalist
2015 Head On Photo Festival Landscape Finalist

Work featured here:
Aussie Street | Sydney 2018 | Group Show
AddOn 2017 | HeadOn Photo Festival | Group Show
Independent Photo Festival Melbourne 2016 | Group Show
Stay Young Magazine Issue 5 | Publication
Eretz Magazine, August 2014 | Publication
Shiritori Project, Tokyo, 2009 | Group Show
Involvr Exhibition, Tokyo, 2008 | Group Show

2015 Head On Photo festival

2015 Head On Photo festival